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Introducing Kennedy Dunn, a brave 7-year-old in the fight for her life. She has alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS), a rare form of cancer that affects 400 to 500 kids each year in the United States. Kennedy found a bump on her skin and the family had it evaluated in January 2023. They were told that it was most likely a cyst. The bump continued to grow rapidly, and eventually, an MRI was done.

Unfortunately, the preliminary results revealed cancer. The family says that everything moved very quickly from there. A biopsy officially confirmed stage 3 ARMS solid tumor on March 1, and Kennedy’s port was placed, with her chemotherapy beginning on March 3. She currently receives chemo one to five times a week, which will last for a total of 60 weeks. She will also get radiation therapy. If everything goes well, Kennedy’s treatment will finish in December 2023.

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