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6 to 10 p.m. at LCD’s  Ama Room

4825 E Warner Rd. Unit 13  Phoenix, AZ 85044

Try your luck at our Casino Night fundraiser!  


We’ll be playing Poker, Blackjack, & Craps along with a Silent Auction.

A variety of appetizers from Vine Tavern & Eatery and a cash bar will be available. 

Whale buy-in $500 – includes $5500 in chips and 5 drink tickets

High Roller buy-in $200 – includes $2000 in chips and 4 drink tickets

Low Stakes buy-in $100 – includes $750 in chips and 3 drink tickets

Conservative buy-in $50 – includes $250 chips and 2 drink tickets

Drinks will be $5

Let's Prioritize Children's Health and Change Lives Together.

Every Small Act Makes a Big Difference.

We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.

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