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Give Hope, Give Help

The Armer Foundation For Kids Board Members come from a diverse background that includes business and volunteer experience. They understand the challenges of serving the unique population of families with children facing extreme medical conditions.

Jennifer Armer

Executive Board Member Founder

Ryan Lehr

Executive Board Member President

Jill Dames

Board Member

Donna Spencer

Donna Spencer

Planning and Logistics Commitee Chair

Matt Armer

Executive Board Member Co-Founder

Rebecca Duerr

Executive Board Member Treasurer

Tess Rafols

Board Member

Michelle Freeh

DIY Events Classes Chair

Kendra Riley

Board Member Public Relations

Shana Schwarz

Executive Board Member Secretary

Christie Ellis

Board Member

Let's Prioritize Children's Health and Change Lives Together.

Every Small Act Makes a Big Difference.

We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.

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