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Matt and Jennifer Armer are small business owners in Ahwatukee.  As our business began to grow we saw a need emerging in the community.  I found myself meeting families with children facing extreme medical issues and struggling to find ways to meet their financial obligations with looming medical bills growing.  I volunteered to organize yard sales, blood drives, and other fundraising efforts to assist these families.  Matt approached me with the idea of starting our own non-profit organization.  Matt grew up with Type-1 Diabetes and he saw a close friend’s 10 year old daughter succumb to cancer.  From the beginning we knew that our foundation was going to support children with extreme medical needs.  The Armer Foundation for Kids was created in 2019

We have a combined 3 children.  Biologically we have  one grandchild with one on the way, but in total we have 6 amazing grandchildren.   We’re lucky to have all of our family local.  My husband is 6th generation Arizonan.   I’m a military brat, my father is retired  Army.  I moved to Arizona in 1996.  I call Tennessee my home.

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