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Armer Foundation for Kids: We’ve got your back!

Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

In a world where children’s health is at stake, your contribution has the power to transform lives. By donating to the Armer Foundation for Kids, you’re not just giving money; you’re providing hope, relief, and the opportunity for families in the Metro Phoenix area to focus on what truly matters – the well-being of their children. Your support enables us to ease the financial burdens that can overwhelm families battling extreme medical conditions. Together, we can ensure that no child’s family has to endure the stress of medical bills, and we can make a meaningful impact on their journey to recovery. Join us today in making a difference, because every donation counts, and every child deserves a chance at a healthier, happier future.

Armer Foundation for Kids

a 501(c)(3) 84-2327428 organization
The Armer Foundation For Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to easing the financial burdens of families with children battling extreme medical conditions in Phoenix, Arizona.

When health insurance is not enough, we assist with copays, premiums, deductibles, and any medical-related out-of-pocket expenses.

Our History

We are a local nonprofit that sees value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change. Since our inception in 2019, the same ideas and values drive our non-profit organization:

Support, Empowerment, and Progress.

Learn more about our mission, vision, and how we make the changes we want to see.

Matt and Jennifer Armer are owners of Armer Air, an HVAC company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

As they began to grow this business and work with the local community, a need emerged. Jennifer found herself meeting families with children facing extreme medical conditions and struggling to find ways to meet their financial obligations with looming medical bills growing.

Jennifer volunteered to organize yard sales, blood drives, and other fundraising efforts to assist these families. At that time, Matt approached Jennifer with the idea of starting her own non-profit organization. From Matt growing up with Type-1 Diabetes to watching a close friend’s 10-year-old daughter succumb to cancer, she knew her foundation was going to support children with medical needs.

The Armer Foundation For Kids was created at the beginning of 2019 with a mission to support children with extreme medical needs.

Your Generosity Can Change Lives

Every moment counts. Join us in making a positive impact by giving today. Your contribution ensures that children battling severe medical conditions in the Metro Phoenix area receive the support they need. Together, we can provide hope, relief, and a brighter future for these young warriors. Give today and be a part of their healing journey.

Give Today! 

Give Today! 

Give Today! 

Give Today! 

Give Today! 

Give Today! 

Let's Prioritize Children's Health and Change Lives Together.

Every Small Act Makes a Big Difference.

We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.

Arizona Tax Credit

Arizona provides tax credits for individuals who make contributions to charitable organizations.

Individuals making cash donations to a Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO) may claim these tax credits on their Arizona Personal Income Tax returns. To learn more, click the link below.

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

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